Monday, November 14, 2011

Anyone interested for a road trip from Kolkata ??

Anyone interested for a road trip from Kolkata ??

Hi all,
This thread is a call out to all TBHP members interested in a road trip from Kolkata around Jan 2012. The time, venue everything is uncertain and is to be determined on this thread.
Step 1. Decide on a timing/ date when most people are able to join
Step 2. Decide on a venue/ route which most people agree on
Step 3. Freeze on dates and routes and places, including road conditions and other details
Step 4. Freeze on number of members in the team
Step 4. Collect all required information for lodging.
Step 5. Collaborate between members before finalizing booking
Step 6. Complete booking the places for the members
Step 7. Collaborate between members just before the final day
Step 8. Get set go.....
Step 9. Upload all the travel details on TBHP

These are more or less the steps we can take to organize such a trip and no better place than TBHP to do that.
Well, I know its quite difficult to organize this, but I've seen some threads where members did manage to get together on beautiful trips. So lets get started and get together to share a road trip to cherish for a long time.

Awaiting replies from the likes of Sutripta, Sudipto-S-Team, predatorwheelz, mitrajdeep, rahul4640 and all you guys from Kolkata and everyone else willing to join.

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