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Bosch Car Service - Goa

Bosch Car Service - Goa

Hello everyone,
For a long time, I had been looking for an alternative to the Maruti A.S.S. (Chowgule Industries) in Margao, as I always feel that they charge a tad too high, and my complaints are never satisfactorily resolved. A friend referred me to Sai Service, which is also M.A.S.S., but the experience there wasn't much different.

My car is 2003 Alto VXi 1.1, 57k at the odo at that time.

Strutting around, I remembered having noticed something about Bosch car service. Looked up their website, got the contact number of their incharge person Mr. Gavin Pinto. Asked him for the directions to their workshop in Goa ( they have only one). Arrived there next morning at 8 with my car.

My first impression was "This is the place to be!!!". A large airy service area, with a reception counter on the left as you enter, service bays right in front, and cars parked on the sides.
There were a lot of makes, including Hondas, Skodas, Toyotas and Mitsubishis.
I met Mr.Pinto, he was most welcoming. He took a drive of my car along with me, and then reversed it into the workshop and parked it in the service bay. He asked me what all needs to be done, and whether I have any specific requirements or complaints. Since there were none, I told him it was a regular service.

There were three boys helping him, and all seemed extremely proficient. They worked in complete co-ordination, and it looked like they had their jobs cut out. As soon as one would finish one part, the other would take up his place. All the while, Mr.Pinto was explaining me each thing he was doing, showing me all his work.

The equipment they were using looked quite professional (though I am no expert), and what impressed me most was they were very efficient, totally unlike most service guys I have seen at service stations. They finished the work in just 1 hour, and I was overall very happy with everything I had seen.

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While it was under service

At the end, Mr.Pinto took the car out, took another drive with me, testing it himself whether everything is fine or not (meanwhile the boys had moved on to other jobs), and handed over the keys to me. He told me that while I could carry on with the brake pads, they would have to be changed at the next service.

The biggest surprise was the bill. Apart from the essentials, he had charged me just Rs.350 for service, which was extremely cheap compared to all my previous experiences. Even though there was nothing specifically wrong with the car, after I drove out, it felt especially smooth and refined, something I had not experienced at any prior service.

Overall, the things I liked most about the experience:
1. Prompt and responsive behavior.
2. Excellent service.
3. Cheap rates.

After this, I have been to him 2 more times.
Once was when I was experiencing some acceleration issues and poor mileage, he listened to all my symptoms, and then straightaway checked the fuel filter. Sure, there was the problem. It was clogged and had to be replaced. That solved the issue.

The other time was last week, when I had a little denting and painting work to be done. Apart from that, I got the front suspension struts changed, new brake pads, and general servicing. The quality of the body work was excellent too, and at a really very cheap price.

One curious thing, though, is that every time I've been there, I have noticed at least one Skoda Octavia there. I have no idea how the Skoda service in Goa is, but this leads me to believe that it's not really up to the mark.

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with my experience at Bosch, and would recommend it to anyone in Goa who is looking for an alternative to their A.S.S. Mr.Pinto seems to be a true professional, and I have decided to ditch my Hyundai A.S.S. now that the free services are over, and am taking my i10 there next month.

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