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Bundle of Joy -> Tryst with Bureaucracy :Indian Visa British baby born in Pune/India

Bundle of Joy -> Tryst with Bureaucracy :Indian Visa British baby born in Pune/India

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Fellow BHPians,
First let me share a good news with all of you, recently we were blessed a baby daughter, extremely delighted on her arrival and did not even notice how the 3 months passed by. I must admit that it was not the easiest of the times, as she made her presence felt through erratic sleep, late night screams, n number of nappy changes and all other antiques BUT it is all worth it. You just have to look at her/hold her tiny hands/touch her and it makes you forget everything else, such innocence, such sweetness, I wonder if there is anything else that gives you such pure joy and happiness. It also makes you appreciate the wonders of nature. I am a Scorpio owner and always marvel at new XUV and how M&M spent 5 years in developing this new vehicle. Then I look at my baby and am dumbfounded, just a thought that the baby I see developed from a single tiny cell, all it’s complicated mechanism, senses ability to learn and respond and everything, such an amazing creation of natur! e/god (whatever you may worship). It is just amazing, you can not capture the feeling in words, let alone put in writing, mind you this is our second child, first is 6 yr old, had the same feeling when he was born and am happy to get a chance to re-live those moments.
Incidentally this bundle of pure joy and innocence also made me realize the harsh realities of bureaucracy.

Back to reality…

We are British Citizens, acquired British passport 5 years ago. The baby was born in Pune and still is here. We plan to be here for a 6/9 motnhs at least and then go back to Europe. So, we need to get her Brit passport/Indian Visa/Exit Permit/OCI. Consolidated list below:
- British passport, applied and waiting for feedback, may need a trip to Delhi for interview if all documents are in order. Fingers crossed.
- Apply for Indian Visa, second trip to Delhi is must
- Visit local FRRO (Pune) for getting the British passport stamped with visa – not sure how many trips and under the table transactions would be required
- Apply for OCI or Apply for exit permit when we plan to leave India

So this post is to find out if there are fellow BHPians out there who have gone through this painful, lengthy process? If yes, what were you experiences ? what advice would you offer ? If anyone from PUNE has gone through this hassle ?
Please share you experiences and any other useful contacts, would appreciate it very much.

I would update this thread from time to time so that others may find it useful.

The expedition has just began. watch this space for more action :-)

So far here are the useful links so far:
1. X visa details
2. Visa Appointment scheduling system
3. Application form for Visa Related Services (Visa Extension/Conversion/Regularisation of overstyal/Permission
to exit/Endorsement in new passport/Permission to change port of exit/mode of travel/visit additional places) Form (in word format) Form (in pdf format, Use Adobe Acrobat Reader)
4. About Child Born to a Registred Forigner in India
5. FAQ regarding Children

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