Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drove a Mercedes E-Class on the F1 Circuit!

Drove a Mercedes E-Class on the F1 Circuit!

Ask yourself this question - How often do you get a chance to drive on a race track let alone the Buddh International F1 Circuit?

On 15th November I received a letter in my mail from Mercedes Benz inviting me for a drive on the F1 circuit in Greater Noida. My first thoughts: NO WAY! This is stuff that most people have dreams about. The Date was set for 24th November and the time slot - 3.30 p.m.

Mercedes Benz had organized a track day event for new owners of the E class as promised going by the advertisements that were being published in Newspapers centering around the F1 hype. So I RSVP'ed the same evening and thus begins the long wait for the 24th.

24th afternoon right as the clock struck 2 pm, i raced towards my car to reach the track from my office Connaught Place which even during lunch hours would be a long journey. Pulled into the Paddock parking at 3.10 and right at the entrace we were greeted by an executive from Merc who gave us Pit Passes along with a parking sticker. Few minutes later I see my self walking the pitlane with 10 new E 200 CGI's parked right after the SLS AMG safety car, an SL 63 AMG and the G55 AMG. The thought that kept crossing my head- forget the E class try for the AMG's!

I say this because I myself have the E250 petrol and knowing that Mercedes very well has the capability of using the E350's , they organize a trackday with 4pot E200's. No v6's?:Frustrati

This is the part where it gets interesting. So within a few minutes we were taken on a pit walk by the Merc Execs feeling the nostalgia surround Pitlanes while hearing screeching tires and roaring engines on the track. A safety AV demonstration later, we were alloted an E 200 CGI along with a driving instructor. The mandatory speed limit on the Pitlane meant crawling till the exit when the instructor slammed the throttle. Here is where the 4pot surprised us. Massive low-end torque and acceleration and then hard braking. The instructor then proceeded to give us a safety demonstration of the ESP, ABS and other things. After a lap of being explained all the safety features (which I pretty well knew about already), I politely asked the instructor to switch of the ESP, traction control and other safety aids and then take us for a lap. And boy did he oblige. Hard acceleration, harder breaking and even harder cornering. This guy knew the racing line perfectly.

And then came my turn to take over the steering. Lucky for you guys I had someone in the backseat record 1 of the 3 laps I did. Hope you guys enjoy.

Driving on the Buddh International F1 Circuit - YouTube

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