Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ferrari owners having trouble

Ferrari owners having trouble

It's never ending trouble for Supercar owners . The 458 had teething issues like fire , no worries but now a bigger issue
All ferrari owners need to send their car all the way to Delhi to even get their simple first service done .. Why ?
All software upgrades can be done only from their comp which is online with Ferrari Italy . So a guy from chennai has to spend lacks trucking his vehicle with the deputed transporter and stay away from his beauty for almost a month to get his car serviced

A friend who owns one had a problem with the lift mechanism which was not fixed for months

Another had a rear defuser broken by the transporter

Just to get the oil and filters changed a car now has to go all the way to Delhi . No doubt the 458 is a brilliant car . But Ferrari needs to understand logistics issues in a country like India and have portable comps that do the job and not put their customers to this kind of stress .

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