Thursday, November 24, 2011

For Senna fanboys :Ayrton Senna - by Alain Prost

For Senna fanboys :Ayrton Senna - by Alain Prost - Ayrton Senna by Alain Prost

One of the great racing driver talking about the greatest racing driver of all time.


"Well, what can you say about that? After I'd retired we talked about it, and he admitted to me - as he did to the press - that he'd done it on purpose. He explained to me why he did it. He was furious with (FIA President) Balestre for not agreeing to change the grid, so that he could start on the left, and he told me he had decided that if I got to the first corner ahead of him, he'd push me off."
I miss Ayrton and his drives in Monaco.

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