Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ford Ranger, VW Amarok or Toyota HiLux (In Australia)

Ford Ranger, VW Amarok or Toyota HiLux (In Australia)

Hey everyone,

Its time to upgrade our old Toyota Hilux and so I need help deciding between these three pick-ups - the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak or the VW Amarok Ultimate or the New Toyota Hilux.

Check out the official Ford Australia page on the Ranger here:
Ford Australia - The All-New Ranger - 4x4 Wildtrak Double Cab Pick-up 3.2L

And this is the VW Amarok site:
Amarok Ultimate > Model Variants > Amarok > Models > Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Australia

Toyota HiLux website:
Toyota HiLux homepage

Somehow, I don't like the look of the new Hiilux, so right now it is pretty low on my list. But it is the cheapest, at $58,100. The Ford is priced higher, at $62,300.

All models are diesel, and the Toyota and VW are priced pretty similar ($58,100 for the Toyota and $58,490 for the VW). I am kind of leaning towards the Ford, but the VW is also tempting me as it is European (even though it is built in Argentina!) and VW are offering some other incentives as well, such as free registration for 1 year and free CTP (compulsory thid party insurance).

I would greatly appreciate your help with this! Any other suggestions are also welcome. Thanks guys!

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