Friday, November 11, 2011

Help needed - 1994 Pajero for sale

Help needed - 1994 Pajero for sale

Dear expert bhpians,

There is a 4*4 Pajero for sale in my area - 1994 model. Its been lying in a garage for quite some time gathering dust - apparently the owner does not have parking space. It had come to the garage for some work. The garage guy who is known to me says that its for sale - 4 lacs. The vehicle is well maintained he says but he advices against buying it since parts are difficult to source. My friend was interested in purchasing it.

The vehicle is in running condition and the body, interiors look good.

We are yet to take a test drive, check the odo readings, check papers etc. But assuming all this is satisfactory few questions below -

1. Should we stay away from it completely - as the garage guy advices - because parts are difficult to source?

2. Is 4 lacs a reasonable price for the vehicle assuming its in proper running condition with minimum work to be done. Should we negotiate?

3. If parts are indeed available, are they too expensive and where in Mumbai would we ideally be able to source them?

4. What common problems do Pajeros of this era generally encounter?

We might test drive the vehicle this weekend and if possible try to post some pics and other details, but before that all the advice and pointers that we should look for before we go ahead would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

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