Friday, November 11, 2011

How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

I have come through various manufacturers/dealers during my car purchase. But, I never had complete confidence with the dealers. Rarely some of the SA's come out honestly. During my purchase of Hyundai Getz in 2006, I really had a wonderful experience with my SA at HMP, Chennai. I decided to do some mods and he completely helped me with that. I got Hyundai OE alloys for my Getz and the steel wheels were replaced by the dealer itself (With the help from this SA). I upgraded the tyre and again all exchanges were facilitated by him. ICE setup in my car came out excellently by his suggestions and the same was also installed at the dealership itself. Absolutely no hassles till delivery just because of this Sales Adviser (Soon after my purchase, he left HMP and joined Maruti Dealer Cars India). A year later we booked a Santro for my friend at the same dealership and the sales experience was horrible.

Since then, I have never come across a hassle free car purchase. Here are some of my recent case studies :).

Case 1:
My recent car purchase. No. Not again :(.
Link -

Inference - Both Manufacturer and the Dealer have to be blamed.

Case 2:
One of my friend booked Ritz VDI with Popular Vehicles, Chennai. He booked during first week of September and was promised delivery before end of October. He then gets a call from the dealer during first week of October and he was told that they will be delivering the car by 14th October. My friend starts his loan process and pays the full amount to the dealer by the end of first week of October. Two days later, he gets a call from the dealer and was told that the delivery may be delayed by another couple of weeks. He makes a complaint with the Maruti immediately. Now, the manufacturer jumps in. He was redirected to a different dealer by the Manufacturer and the car was delivered to him on 14th October. All the promises made by the previous dealer was honoured at the new dealer too.

Inference - Bad Dealer. Manufacturer rocks here.

Case 3:
My friend books for Linea 1.3 Emotion at V.S.T. Motors, Chennai. Dealer says that the vehicle will arrive in 7-10 days. But, he was given the VIN, the next day itself. After 10 days, dealer tells him that car has arrived.
Today, we went to do a PDI of the vehicle and we observed the following which makes a suspicion on whether the car came in to dealer's stockyard recently.
1. We observed aged (Yellowish) dealer's stickers on headlights.
2. The ODO reading was at 7. Good. But, both Trip A and Trip B shows 9.9. How could it be?

Inference - Honesty of dealer??? No comment on the Manufacturer (Yet to take it to them).

Now, how was your car buying? Was the dealer honest?

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