Tuesday, November 29, 2011

i20 Clutch issue

i20 Clutch issue

I am facing a peculiar issue with the clutch pedal, whenever I turn the steering with the clutch pedal depressed, I could feel the steering column twist, something like the clutch cable is getting in contact with the steering column, that too very prominently noticable. And this issue cannot be reproduced all the time (especially in the mornings) but from the last 2 days I am observing this issue very prominently.

I recently got the 2nd free service done to the car at 8500 kms (on 23rd Nov, 2011), and I explained the service guys, the problem, and they just lubricated the steering column and returned the car (along with typical oil change, air filter change, and diesel filter change). The service adviser told that its because of the lubrication of the steering column has got reduced much due to which I am feeling that on the clutch pedal, and they could not see the issue at all. I could hear a tick-tick noise from the front suspension almost 80% of the time I roll down the window and drive, and when I went to the service station around 6000kms, they told that the yoke adjuster has become tight and they adjusted it, and since then the sound got reduced to almost 40-50%.

Before again going to the service station I wanted to know if anyone else is facing the similar problem.
If yes, please give me some pointers on what should be done to get it fixed.

btw, I own a 2011 may, i20 Asta CRDi.

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