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Initial Ownership experience-TOYOTA ETIOS DIESEL GD-SP

Initial Ownership experience-TOYOTA ETIOS DIESEL GD-SP

After joining TEAM BHPI have been waiting patiently to write my first blog. What better could it get than writing the experience with a new car, The ETIOS arrives home!

Buying Experience:
One afternoon walking past the Toyota showroom I just thought of stepping in to try the ETIOS Diesel. Requested a TD and the sales folks were happy to offer one. What followed was an experience!
I had weighed the ETIOS against Swift Dzire, SX4, Fiesta Classic and I found what I needed exactly in the ETIOS. The car stood out as a no nonsense practical vehicle. I went ahead and booked the vehicle on the 7th of October without second thoughts. I got the vehicle delivered on 23rd November. The entire sales process was the best I ever experienced. Every time I stepped into the TOYOTA showroom I came out happier with the customer centric service I received. There was never a negative element from the sales folks. Kudos to TOYOTA for that!

ETIOS GD SP (Vermillion Red)
I've driven the vehicle around for around 300kms and here are my observations:

Plain vanilla design may not turn heads for sure. But remember we have one of best automotive makers playing in the sub 10 lac segment!

It's audible! But with the passage of time you are sure to get used to it. Having driven a TATA vehicle for 2 years the diesel clatter seemed to be nothing different for me.
The engine compartment is not cramped and you have ample space to work around the equipments.
Though a diesel vehicle it is extremely easy to drive it through the infamous Bangalore traffic.
Excellent low end torque with near zero turbo lag
You do not need to downshift frequently, the vehicle pulls well in the 2nd and 3rd gear.
I've not hit the highways yet so I hold back to write about this.

The dashboard is something strikingly terrible of the vehicle. I feel even a 1950's speedometer dial would have looked better! There is just a single trip meter. The only way that we can mask this terrible mistake is having a 2 DIN Music system lighting up the bland space. I've added a PIONEER AVH-2300DVD system which makes the dash look a bit more worthy of glances if not stares!
The seats are well cushioned and extremely comfortable. However the stock fabric is extremely thin and you can feel the sponge.
There is enough space at the rear seat. 3 well built adults go in with ease. Not to forget the almost flat flooring at the back, something very hard to see in other cars.
AC is extremely effective and I didn't have a chance to run the blower above 1. Let's wait for the summers.
The steering feels very light and is tilt able. Somehow it's a bit time consuming to hit the sweet spot for driving position in the ETIOS.
The single wiper does a really good job. No doubts on that.
Ample space in and around for storing mobiles, bottles etc.

At 595litres it sure takes care of a long vacation baggage.
The VD and VXD models don't come with the alloy option for the 5th wheel.

The best in any diesel vehicle I've driven so far. It is extremely soft and you feel afloat when cruising in the ETIOS.
However the flip side to this is that you would be kissing all the speed breakers with 3 adults and luggage loaded.

Stock lights are good for city driving but I feel on the highway you many need better lamps.
GDSP version doesn't come with FOG lamps. You could add it for Rs 4250/-
Single Cabin lamp, would have been good if there were reading lamps at the rear also.
GDSP version doesn't come with a rear de-fogger.

Good value for money vehicle with Toyota's quality assurance. If you are contended with low maintenance vehicle requiring fewer fuel pit stops this is the vehicle for you.

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