Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lana and me, to death do us apart.

Lana and me, to death do us apart.

Mods, this is my first post and I hope it's posted under the right thread. I apologise for any Inconvenience in advance.

Aloha everyone. This is my first post so please bear with me until I hone my writing skills to match the Gurus on the forum.

My weakness for girls since my childhood has resulted in me having dated several in the past, to be precise: 1961 Petrol Amby (Broke up), 1999 Zen (Broke up), 1998 Esteem (Broke up), 2005 Lancer 1.5 GLX (Still going around), 6 Suzuki Shoguns (Still going around with one), 1 Suzuki Shaolin (Broke up), 1 Suzuki Fiero (My brother is dating her now), 1 Yam RD 350 HT (Still going around), 3 RE's-350, 535 & 500 (The 500 is my wife and that's what this post is all about).

Experiences with the other girls will follow in further posts. So without wasting anymore time let me begin my story:

I had many girlfriends in the past. Many of us parted ways due to various reasons while I continued to look for the perfect soul mate who would spend the rest of her life with me.

I did find one really hot one whose was named Perl (1984 RD 350 HT) and we went around for quite a while, that was until I met Lana (A 1995 model RE 500) in the year 2002.

There was something about Lana. Maybe she was not as hot as Pearl, maybe she lacked that wow factor that Pearl had, but somehow she seemed like a more reliable person. Someone who would stand by you always without acting cranky the way Pearl used to.

As destiny would have the, the relationship between Lana and me blossomed.

Before I proceed, just between us, I must admit that I still have feelings for Pearl because of her uncanny ability to seduce every time you put your legs across her, which is why I am still in touch with her and keep her for those weekend flingsclap:

Lana and I have had our ups and downs just as any other loving couple. Like they say, the more you fight, the closer you get. Out of temper, she has burnt me several times on my leg, kicked me hard on my shin and insulted me at the front of my friends. I consider them all signs of a relationship growing stronger by the day. I still love her. I treat her to makeovers at the spa. Buy her all the makeup she needs. Take her on holidays, almost having covered the entire country!

And, let me be frank, none of the beauties that have set foot in the country till date can replace Lana, except for those rich and haughty chicks like the Harleys and R1's who I can't afford to date. As of now Lana remains the love of my life. And who knows if death do us apart. Amen!

For now, let me leave you with some pictures of Lana:To be contd…

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