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Nano 2012

Nano 2012

Launch Date
November 21, 2011

Nano 2011

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Tata Motors has been planning upgrade to its little wonder for quite some time now and various new technologies have been experimented with in the past including 3-cylinder engines and even a diesel powerplant with mind-boggling FE figures.

At the same time, enthusiasts too have been waiting for some major changes to the product which took world by storm but well... just turned out to be all dust but no fire (pun intended :) ). There have been talks of power steering, Nano Europa styling, even Tata Pixel has been a contender for second iteration of Tata Nano.

So, the time has come and TATA have folded their sleeves to provide an all new refreshed Nano or rather NANO 2012.

The feature list is as follows:

1. If it isn't 25, it isn't enough
Tata has had a fixation with this quarter century mark for quite some time now. It all started with the Indica eV2 and now there is no looking back. I still wait for the time when they will include UV vehicles in their 25kmpl brigade. Guess then, a lot will be pardoned on the quality front.

Well, as the news goes, Tata Nano is now the most fuel efficient Petrol car in the country as per ARAI certification.

2. Its still not power steering but it is lighter
Tata have incorporated some serious changes in the steering column and ride and handling of the car to make the steering "much-much" lighter and anyone owning the old nano would instantly fall in love with the nano 2012.

Again, not truly up to customer expectation a la Power steering but, TATA has looked into the issue and come up with ingenious, and cost effective solution for the time being.

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3. No more hang on tight on turns.
Tata have introduced a Anti-Roll bar on this edition to dramatically improve ride and handling of the vehicle. Further, suspension has been tweaked for a softer ride. It is not an auto after all !!!

4. Gone are the days of clatter
Here Tata has gone more than just minor tweaking but actually delved right into design of the vehicle. The B Pillars are now wider, there is more insulation on certain parts and exhaust noise too has been brought down bringing down NVH levels considerably.

Once again, there is no 3 pot powerplant but genuine effort has been made and ingenuity has ruled above complete overhaul.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the car.
Tata went full cost cutting first time around and while some of the omissions were accepted (reluctantly!) by the junta, this was one omission that did not go down well with the customers, especially ones commuting in heavy traffic cities. We are referring to the Left Hand side ORVM.

Though, Tata has been supplying LHS ORVM for quite some time through its service centres but Nano 2012 brings this feature as standard on CX and LX versions with LX getting body coloured ORVM.

6. So comfy...
One of the major changes in this edition of Nano is the seats. Gone are the times of non-existant seat comfort and in comes softly cushioned seats with proper headrests. Frankly, this is a change which will appreciated by all and instantly be recognisable from older iteration. Good Job people!

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7. Beige it is, even for the cheapest car in market
Interiors have been revamped. Centre console now stands out in terms of quality of knobs as well as colour choices.

CX gets fabric door linings and seats with silver centre consoles. Beige rules as soon as you step into LX variant. On first impression, new interiors do aim to provide a upmarket feel to the humble car and ticks many right boxes on the interiors department.

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8. Look at my new shoes
Not much of change here in terms of upgrade. LX gets full 'alloy look' wheel cover while CX is handed down earlier half wheel caps from old LX.

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9. More colour options. Maybe one for your each dinner gown
Tata have scrapped all older colours except Sunshine Yellow and Champagne Gold to bring in much bolder and premium shades. There are 10 colours (4 Non Metallic, 6 Metallic) in all with 8 shades being introduced with Nano 2012. Nano LX gets more exclusive shades unlike only Sunshine Yellow in previous iteration. Pearl White from Tata flagship Safari too gets an introduction in Nano LX and personally is a top choice.

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  1. There is a parallel thread on Nano Upgrade but talks on many models future and present. This thread is created specifically for Nano 2012 which is CONFIRMED product.
  2. There is no change in Product pricing at the moment for new product.
  3. Tata has been shipping new Nano from past few weeks and most dealer will begin showcasing vehicles from this week itself.
  4. This product is not NANO PLUS.
  5. There is no change in exterior appearances of the vehicle except introduction of LHS ORVM on CX and LX versions.
  6. No design cues have been borrowed from Nano Europa.
  7. It is not an intermediate product between major product introduction. Tata expects to sell this vehicle through 2012 or atleast till end of 2012.

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