Thursday, November 24, 2011

Please advise on Ironman tyres

Please advise on Ironman tyres


The tyres of my hyundai verna have now worn out after drivnig for 62K KM and I need to buy all four tyres. I currently have stock tyres that are bridgestone's 185/65/R14. The tyres are very good and make very less noise. I got only two punctures in last 3 years.

I went to a tyre showroom in vashi yesterday to get a quotation for the same tyres along with wheel balancing and alignment. He gave me a quote of Rs. 17,600 for four tyres. Is this ok?

He also suggested that I should buy ironman tyres which are only for Rs. 3600 each for the same specification. They come with four years of warranty. According to him these tyres have more silica that will keep the tyres cool and improve the FE and will be less noisy. I have never heard of these tyres before neither I could find any mentionin this forum. I googled up to find that ironman is a canadian company but I want to know if the tyres are good for indian roads. Has anyone on team-bhp bought these tyres or have any views on them?
Here is a link: Hercules Tire & Rubber Company

His justification of low price is that they are promoting it in India.

Please advice


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