Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Polo Needs Upgrades !

Polo Needs Upgrades !

Well its time that I finally cleared all my credit from my credit cards and am fresh and ready to splurge (read spend) on my Brand New Polo DIESEL.

The upgrades I have got in line for this weekend are:

1) Leather seats -> Have to be Stanley or some other brand based on popularity. Since my car is white and the default color codes on the interior are Beige/Grey, I think I might just go for Beige Leather. But I don't know if Black would look good or not ?

Question for the members would be -> a) What color for a white polo ?

b) If I do choose a color other then beige, is it possible to change the beige interior into another color (possible = price range, quality, etc.)

c) Where can I get done extra padding for the seats to make them even more plush ? Is that too part of the package from seat cover providers ?

2) I already have HID's (Philips genuine H4's) and a sweet number plate, now I'm going for the K&N Filter finally.

Question for members: a) Is it possible to fit the free flow type filters (conical ones) in this car and does it require heavy modification ?

3) I will be getting a new amplifier too but that's purely my call, but just thought of sharing. I am in major doubt about getting a sun-roof done, but have read on many other posts that it's not recommended, even Autopsyche claims to have said not to fit it. What do you think guys ?

4) Alloy wheels ! YAY. Every punjabi dreams of the alloy wheels before purchasing his car they say, and I'm no different. Except that I didn't dream much. So I really need to know few basic things:
a) Which is the best size ? Meaning - which size does not hit the body, keep the ride quality perfect(profile should stay decent), and is not too too expensive on the pocket either. I was thinking about 16 inchers, but would it be a bad upgrade ?
b) What wheels really depend upon what Poona Motors would have. Feel free to point me towards other competitive shops in Pune

5) Fog Lamps - where on earth do I get them (don't point me towards the authorized showroom, they quoted 16,000 Rs., my HID cost me Rs. 10k)

6) 3M Car/Paint Protection - Would I really notice a shine on a white color ?

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