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Poor Experience and Alpine 9887 stolen at Carnation Chandigarh

Poor Experience and Alpine 9887 stolen at Carnation Chandigarh

Well my bad days started on 3rd of August when i met with an accident in my car. After travelling up and down the length of the country, it was ironical that this accident happened just 500 meters from my home.
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Anyways, the damage had been done and i decided to transport the car to chandigarh for repair work. I had experienced the service of both Prestige and Harmony Honda and wanted to try a new place. Hence logic pointed towards Carnation Chandigarh. They boast of using new techniques and processes for body repair and i had had a pleasant experience with them before during regular service.

Calls were made, crane was brought in and the car was transported. I thought my misery was over... oh how wrong was i. Firstly, they were unable to find replacement parts(understandable since OHC VTEC is around 10 years old now) and took nearly 4 weeks to arrange the same. I co-operated with them and even made a down payment of 25K for parts procurement. Once the bodywork was done, it came to paint.

On day one i had specifically told them that my car had a custome paintjob of alpine white with clear coat finish. i was assured that they would match the paint but would just use azko noble rathe than what i had used(standox).
My baby just after it came out in from the paint-booth last DecemberAttachment 840552
well further about total of 6 weeks down the line they show me my car in a normal paint finish without clear coat. I am assured that i will not be able to distinguish. I reason with them stating that what would happen a couple of years down the line. Finally they phone me again and ask for standox paint. i drive down again to buy and supply them paint. by now i have made 5 trips to the workshop and 8 weeks have passed.

Now when i had given them the car, i had told them to service it as well and replace any parts which needed replacement. A week before diwali, I drive down again and find that the car has not yet been serviced. My K&N conical filter has been deformed, exhaust welding is broken. Further i am told that the rear disks need replacement and have to be ordered. Further the paperwork with the Insurer (Iffko Tokio) is not yet finished and i cannot take the car.

I, with much resentment agree to take delay delivery after diwali. i however point out that i cannot see my stereo in the car(which was taken out when the dash was removed for fixing the car). i spend the whole day there and am unable to find the stereo. Now i was assured that it would be found but i was skeptical because i knew the HU was an Alpine 9887. :Frustrati
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Diwali comes and goes and i finally arrive on the 3rd of November to take delivery. Insurance clearance is approved, rear disks have been fitted, everything is ready but the 9887 is nowhere to be found. First they try and put it on me by saying that i had taken it when i had brought the car to them in August. I firmly point out that i had requested to take the stereo with me but i was assured that nothing would happen as many cars come there daily with expensive audio systems. Then they say that my friend had taken it. I again point out that no-one except me had ever come to them during the 3 months.

Now they say Sir, you can take the car to which i say a firm No. The workshop incharge agrees to all of my statements and agrees that i should not take delivery or else this matter would not be resolved with the required haste. I had by this time also decided to get an audio upgrade(another irony) and had even booked an appointment with motor concept( in Delhi. With a saddened heart, i step backwards and head home.

I have been in regular contact with Carnation Chandigarh regarding this and they have been trying to procure a new unit from the market. However, it has been unfruitful. I would like to get some suggestions on how to tackle this situation. I have already contacted Aman from motor concept delhi and he did not seem hopeful. I am also trying to get in touch with Alpine India. I would request any audiophile/ICE guru/audio enthusiast/regular Bhpian to help me get my hands on a new Alpine 9887 since they have agreed to pay for it. Can this HU be ordered? If all else fails, can someone recommend a HU which is at par with the 9887 in terms of features because i will make them buy that unit istead then. Help needed Bhpians... please:

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