Monday, November 28, 2011

Servicing the car : Before OR After the journey?

Servicing the car : Before OR After the journey?

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Basically the question is, when a car is just due for service and you are due to take a trip (e.g. approx. 1000-1500 km), is it best to get the car serviced before the trip if it is not giving any trouble, or after?

I have generally been following the practice of getting the car serviced on the dot when it is due, and often enough this has fallen just before a longish journey. In fact I would even make an effort to do so to ensure the car did not give me any trouble on the way.

However recently some friends have suggested that it would be better to get the servicing done after a trip, i.e. postpone the servicing, as the engine, air filter, oil etc. get very dirty on our roads (I do travel on what are not the best roads).

So what do the gurus here say?


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