Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Skoda Rapid - Tyre Upgrade & Upsizing

Skoda Rapid - Tyre Upgrade & Upsizing

The best upsize for the existing 185/60/R15 is 205/55/R15 (0.5 % deviation).

In Bangalore, with great difficulty, I was finally able to source Continental CPC2 and Yokohoma S.Drives in this size (exactly 4 tyres each, at different dealers). No Michelins, Bridgestones or Pirelli's available in this size...

In reading through the forum, I came across 2 very disturbing threads:
For the S.drives: Yokohoma S Drives
For the CPC2's: CPC2

I'm absolutely undecided... I'd love to get one final concensus on which tyres i should go for b/w the two - as these are my only two options (except Apollo's again of course).

Note: My driving is mixed - city + highway. I drive fast (on the highways mostly) when its safe and empty, I love ghats, and I like to push the car to its limit when its safe, so to me - cornering, straightline speed/stability, braking, traction are all important. Also, given the wonderful (i.e horrible) road conditions at Bangalore, ride comfort is equally important as well.

So, between the CPC2 and the S.Drives, which would you prefer/recommend? Please feel free to elaborate why in as much detail as possible. Thanks!

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