Monday, December 12, 2011

1st Mahindra XUV500 to be ICE'd!

1st Mahindra XUV500 to be ICE'd!

Hi Everyone,

Finally i went for the upgrade that was due from the moment i bought XUV. Some of the stuff was bought in Feb 2011 and was waiting for a new car to get them installed. I already have a Fiesta ICEd and i didn't wanted to take stuff out from it as it sounds amazing, hence bought new stuff.

Ok now the things that went in.
  1. Audison Bit 10
  2. Alpine SPX 17PRO comps for front
  3. Morel 6" coax for rear
  4. DLS RA20 Amp for front
  5. JBL 1004 amp for rear and sub
  6. IDV3 12" sub
  7. Kicker Dual amp wiring
  8. Gladen RCA's
  9. Dynamite Extreme damping in front doors

Now some Pics:
Attachment 855243

Attachment 855244

Attachment 855245

Attachment 855246

Attachment 855255

Attachment 855256

Attachment 855257

Attachment 855258

Attachment 855259

Attachment 855260

Attachment 855261

Attachment 855262

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