Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are we hypocritical on safety?

Are we hypocritical on safety?

A manufacturer releases a product after much research and testing. Even the smallest screw used in our car is actually a design component. The slightest modification we do on our car, are we not mocking the countless hours of R & D put behind in building such a wonderful engineering, the car?

On one side, we bash manufacturers for not putting ABS and air-bags as standards. On the other hand, we, after buying a car with ABS and air-bags, rush to the nearest accessories center, change the ICE, add DRLs, add brighter head lamps, change alloys, add wider tires and all sort of modifications even without making the warranty void. My question is why are we not aware (if aware, why do we tend to ignore) the safety implications each and every changed / added part make? We bash people who put non-OEM spares on their vehicle, yet the same us, clap for every modded vehicles that has not been designed in any way.

Will the ICE installer check the load rating and put an appropriate fuse, or will he put any spare fuse available? Are we actually testing it out? Are the after-market alloys tested long term on each and every vehicle it is being put? Are the wider tires tested for the safety of the lower arm and other suspension components? Are the spoilers we add tested for aerodynamics and high speed stability? Are you sure that the brighter bulb don't spark up a flame? Don't the spacers we add for seat height snap first in case of an emergency braking?

I am not totally against modifications, improvements and testings by ourselves, but I wanted to know why we follow double standards. Providing safety is not the duty of the manufacturers alone, but ours to not destroy whatever is available. Is it not high time we Indians changed our thought process? In India, there have been an ever increasing case of people (manufacturers, dealers and corporates are no exception) with the attitude "I know everything and I only am right".

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