Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be very careful - Rage on the Road in Gurgaon

Be very careful - Rage on the Road in Gurgaon

HR26BN4253 - White Honda City- BE VERY WARY of this car

Enroute to signature towers, gurgaon, today I really understood what road rage is like. This is just ahead of the DLF square building, in the service lane, just before the pedestrian bridge.

There were two cars involved. a golden yellow santro (early 2000 model) with stickers of www.theroyaldrivingcollege.com (google indicates it to be the case) being decimated by the abovesaid car - a young early 30s dark fellow with a cricket bat smashing the windows. I saw him smash atleast the front window and hit the wiper. I didn't stand around and wait for more details or projectiles but gents, this guy is not a guy you mess around with. You've been warned.

I have no darned clue of the background, or what happened (the city did not seem to have any major scratches that i could see). I think i landed on the scene a min or so late. It is possible that the marauding batsman did not own the HR26BN4253 but the body language of the woman next to it did not feel that way - I may be wrong. There were ten other vehicles stopped in the service lane besides couple others like me who paused on the expressway. If any of them are BHPians, they may kindly fill in the story - till then, beware the HR26BN4253.

I think I need to shift to gurgaon now. No more toll plaza mayhem, far lesser driving.

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