Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bike for a matured rider

Bike for a matured rider

Hi Bikers,

I have loved bikes like every guy since childhood. Owned a Pulsar 150 from 2002 to 2011, sold it recently as was not using it much. And the maintenance cost was going through the roof, or maybe the mech was taking me for a ride!

Currently there is a Activa for quick errands. However, I would like to have a bike for weekend rides. Since the usage would be minimal, I am looking at a used bike. (yeah, GTO gets to you...)

I would like to own RE/ Yezdi/ RD the likes.. but unsure if I can manage the maintenance part of it. I usually like my vehicles to run smooth and be reliable. Hence never bought or recommended used vehicles, but considering this option now.

New age bikes like Ceeber/ Ninja/ KTM may be better in terms of reliability but they do not have the charm in them. Also I am unsure on the maintenance on these bikes.

My budget is 1.5 lakhs.

I am looking to reduce my doubts, hence a little information about me:
  • Even after 9 years my bike had only done 50k kms! My Swift D has done 22k in 34 months!
  • I value reliability the most.
  • Not a big fan of visiting mechanics often.
  • Have always kept my rides stock.

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