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Blessing in the Urban Jungle - Carbon Grey i10 Kappa2

Blessing in the Urban Jungle - Carbon Grey i10 Kappa2

Seasons Greetings BHPian's !! I will get straight to the point. Well, it was time that we bought a 3rd car. Primary requirement was I wanted a second diesel car because I simply love my Hyundai Verna 1st Generation and simply cannot let it go. Always brings a huge grin on my face after 3.5 years of ownership, when I floor the accelerator!!

Below are the cars I short listed:

1.) Volkswagen Polo – 1.2 TDI Trendline
2.) Chevrolet Beat Diesel LT
3.) Hyundai i20 1.4 CRDi
4.) Fiat Punto 1.3 MultiJet 90HP
5.) Skoda Fabia 1.2 Ambiente

I simply love all of the cars mentioned above, Heck if I had that kinda money in my vault I would buy all of them :)

No offense to anyone who owns the cars above, its just my personal opinion but I rejected the Skoda due to horror stories heard everywhere about the A.S.S. and spare part prices.

I was keen on buying the Polo and everyone loves it for sure. Took a test drive and my Mom was …… Hey, I cant drive this car, its too heavy and big for me. She is 72 years old (and drives a Spark currently).

Fiat Punto …. Mmmmm …. Lovely car for sure !! again the same problem with size and after sales service with Tata Motors got me thinking.

Chevrolet Beat Diesel – I was pretty sure everyone would like this car but somehow it did not appeal to me and Mom found the dashboard design way too high. NO Height adjustable drivers seat in this car !! What a feature not to give in a top end model !! The Chevy designers must have been high when they were thinking of putting in a list of features.

Well, was left with only the Hyundai i20 CRDi which is also one of my favorites. Went in the showroom thinking there must be a December discount and was shocked to hear they cannot deliver a car because it is over booked and forget the discount !! Only petrol cars have discount & ready delivery !!!

Was sitting there …. Wondering what to do now ?? My parents were fishing around and called me over "Hey, what do you think of this car" ?? It was the i10 1.1 Litre Era model.
Dad was asking me …. Why are you so keen on buying a Diesel car when we have to drive it mostly ?? We don't drive the car daily for more than 30 kms. odd !!
Because I was obsessed with buying a CRDi I glaringly omitted the actual cost difference between a petrol and a diesel car, and was rightly pointed out by my Dad !!
That said, I sat down and calculated, even if I buy the cheapest diesel car which was a Beat Diesel LT and calculate interest on the price difference and only use the car for 30-45kms daily, i.e. yearly usage of 15,000 kms average it will not even save me money !! It looks good only when you go to the Fuel Pump and fill diesel and hand over 1500-2100/- Rs. for a full tank. Other than that, it is no use.

So, we were about to finalize the deal on the 1.1L Era model, full down payment & no loan and I got up to see the i10 1.2L Kappa2 !! Typical BHP'ian's that we are Ha Ha Ha !!
I knew the Kappa engine was good and this one was EVEN better …. The Kappa2. A full second faster to the 100kph mark …. WOW !! Astonishing fuel economy even with this sort of power …. Claimed ARAI – 20.7km p/l.
Now, I had to buy this car for sure …. And we finally did the very next day !! Taken delivery of a Kappa2 Carbon Grey color model. Tyres given by company are shabby Bridgestone B250's 155/80 R13" !! Yes that's not a mistake … 80 is correct.
Immediately went to a Tyre dealer and got them replaced with Yokohama A Drive 175/70 R13, inclusive of balancing, alignment and year membership for Nitrogen.
Those of you who would like to know, I paid 4250/- Rs. extra for all 5 tyres and nitrogen (year mem.)

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