Thursday, December 22, 2011

A for Approved, B for BHP & C for Car?

A for Approved, B for BHP & C for Car?

Hello there everyone,

Been glued to TeamBHP but never really figured out why I never registered for a membershipstupid: Better late than never eh?

I am 23, a Healthcare Biotechnology Marketing & Sales guy (probably the 1st of this species in this community), basically from all over India but currently in Bangalore, returned back from the UK (after studies & work) and also returned back from Malaysia after work (yes, its confusing & nomadic).

I am basically three heads (confused again?), a Petrolhead, a \M/etalhead and a Marketing Head (hopefully soon, if I work hard enough (damn! there is always a catch!!:Frustrati))

I am soon to be a owner of a Chevy Beat LT (yes MR. private bank, take your own sweet time!), been driving since I was 18 (16 is the new 18!), also a bike lover (have an original pulsar 180 which I used to test to the limits when I was 16 errr.. 18) however, have sobered my driving down after living in firang lands & reading the accident thread, and thank god for that!

apart from cars & bikes, I love playing my guitars & listening to music, love photography, love travelling and as it turns out, I love inserting brackets!!

Anyways, thank you mods for approving my membership, hopefully I can attain the same level of automotive nirvana (which is what I like to call TeamBHP) as fellow TeamBHPian's are already achieving.

Keep up the good work & safe Driving!

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