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Got Home a Preowned Fusion TDCI

Got Home a Preowned Fusion TDCI

Hi Friends,
I have bought a preowned Fusion Tdci about 2 weeks back in thane. The prologue can be read here : [COLOR=#0066cc][/COLOR]
Its a White colored, Fusion TDCI (not plus), with 35k on the odo, 2 new front tyres and 2 stock tyres- all Goodyear GT3. The owner has got multiple cars and is based in Bhayandar and just wanted to dispose off the car.
I showed the car to the local Ford workshop before buying and i got great service from the Sreeji Ford. The car has an absolutely fine clutch and gearbox, engine etc are in good health and no major issue. In fact the SA has told me not to service the car and drive for 2-3 months as the car has been maintained well (services though done at a local garage and i found 2 unused free service coupons in the service book !!!). There is JBL music system inside with a big subwoofer in the boot.
The Deal costed me 3.65L including transfer charges and brokerage and another 10k for insurance.
The issues with the car were:
1. Antennae missing
2. Rear Wiper missing
3. Driver side mirror broken (deducted 2.5k but it actually costed me 5.5k with the inside assembly as well)
4. Bonnet release handle broken
5. Squeaking brakes but no issue with braking
6. screeching kind of a sound which the SA told is from one of the belts and will cost around 1k
7. Right Driver side indicator broken with a small dent in panel
8. Seatback adjuster (which adjusts the angles of the seatback) has no threads so not adjustment possible
I have kept aside around 10k to sort all these issues and the car will start looking new with a coat of polish and interior cleaning. Planning somewhere around december end
The Family just loves this car so much that my 18mth old Fiesta 1.6 with only 7k in the odo is parked for last 2 weeks!!! What we like are:
1. Seating: The seating is high and back seat ingress and egress (i hope the right word) is very comfortable for my aged parents and i also find it comfortable as well as a better road view
2. Suspensions and GC: Suspensions and GC is simply superb and i am no longer worried about the deadly bumpers or the potholes and the mystery puddles in monsoons where you dont know the depth of the pothole. 198mm GC takes care of everything.
3. FE: Amazing FE of 15 Kmpl in city driving in mumbai ie from ghodbunder road to worli and back and covering 80 kms in approx 3 hrs totally
4. Less than expected Noise: it has dampner in the hood and the noise inside is very less and infact with music on, i forget its a diesel and change gears at lower rpm. This upshifting at rpm lesser than 1500 leads to loss of power and acceleration. Now shifting around 1800-2000 gives me perfect accleration and no lag at all. Guess i'll take time to get used to it especially firing on all cylinders on my Ikon and Fiesta petrols.
5. Overall Space and Visibility: as this is my ride to office daily, the seating space is amazing and the hatch gives a sense of extra space and freedom with no feeling of crampness at all. I dont care about the boot space which still is quite good. All round visibility is amazing.
6. Steering is amazing as well as familiar controls make me feel at home. AC is a chiller like my fiesta.
Overall We are very happy with the car. The car didn't visibly look in very good condition but what all matters is in supreme condition. I had done an extensive search of used cars in mumbai and thane and visited at least 10 dealers and i realised that better the car looks with fresh set of tyres and scratchless paint, more are the chances that the car has been abused / accident vehicle with tampered odometers. I can happily share my experience and advice anyone who is looking to buy a second hand car to ensure you get a good price as well as the right car.
Some of the pics are attached below.
As there are very few fusion ownership threads, i intend to update this thread regularly and all suggestions are welcome including on how to spend a kitty of 20k (10k on repairs mentioned above and 10k based on yr suggestions)
thanks for reading this long thread.

Pics will follow shortly

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