Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is the mHawk140 = 2.2 FMTECH 4 = DiCOR 2.2 VTT

Is the mHawk140 = 2.2 FMTECH 4 = DiCOR 2.2 VTT

Guys this is a hypothesis-please don't shout me down ! TIA

Three competing SUV's in the same price bracket.

All three are start-ups in the the market and hence depends on outside tech support to design and manufacture the engines.

Now here things gets interesting.

mHawk - tech collaborator is AVL Austria.

2.2 FMTECH 4 - tech collaborator is Daimler AG

DiCOR 2.2 VTT -tech collaborator is mercedes-daimler benz(assuming).

AVL is a business partner to Daimler and also a parts supplier-from what i could google out.

Specifications-all three.

engine type-inline 4

displacement -2.2liters(the tata and mahindra are exact at 2179cc and the force at 2149cc)

valves - 16

turbo -variable geometry

power - 140bhp

torque - 320N-m

Bore x Stroke - 85 mm x 96 mm(this is DICOR-could not find the others)

Now the question is whether these three engines share a common ancestor/'parent'(in the form of the designer) ?

Please do give your view points.

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