Tuesday, December 20, 2011

M80 All the way from Chennai to Leh!!

M80 All the way from Chennai to Leh!!

This is amazing! All the way from chennai to K-La in a M80!!:Shockked:


Gokulram Vasanthi who rode from Chennai to Marsimek-La on a low-powered Bajaj M-80

Gokulram Vasanthi has a strange sense of humour. For a road adventure all the way from Chennai to the forbidding Himalayan passes of Khardung-La and Marsimek-La and back, he bypassed a 350 cc Thunderbird and a 250 cc Jawa Model 'B' and settled on a low-powered 76 cc Bajaj M-80. "I have gone on long rides on those big bikes. This time, I wanted to do something different," explains Gokulram.
The Hindu : Life & Style / Motoring : Rider on the storm

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