Sunday, December 18, 2011

Metro Chevrolet - Dealer asking for more money

Metro Chevrolet - Dealer asking for more money

Dear All

I seek your guidance in understanding the following

I had booked my car on 12th Dec and paid the token amount of 10K for Black PS Beat Petrol

Had been following up with my dealer for the exact delivery date which at the time of booking was 8 Days (from Gujarat/Pune)

Over the weekend I happened to walk in the dealer ship and he says

Black Beat is not available, so

1 - I have to either go for another colour called sandrift grey for additional 6 K


2 - Wait till 2012 and shell out extra , since the price of the cars will rise up again

Please help me understand , what to do next since I was told a waiting period of 8 days, I do not want to spend more and I do not like anyother colour

I have been left helpless by the dealer

Would appreciate if someone guides me to the correct procedure to follow

Thanks in advance

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