Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My new buddy first trip update

My new buddy first trip update

Hi Everyone,

As posted earlier i am writing this initial review of my new SUV which at present call him "Buddy".Till now i have driven roughly about 600 plus kilometers.As usual was eagerly waiting for my fist trip with my Buddy to Mysore and its was all the same with my Wife, Son and Mom. Got up early in the morning as i knew from earlier posts that Bangalore - Mysore road gets jammed as the day progresses. All things set sharp by 7 am and off we go.Our trip started from Marathahalli through Sarjapur road and towards Nice road.But made a slight mistake and forgot to take a turn towards Kanakpura road which joins NICE road and ended up going straight forgot the name of that place and somehow entered NICE road somewhere near to park. As we had our breakfast so early wanted to have something on my way so my first break i would say chai break came near Mandya CCD which was our old hand out for past couple of years but it has slowly lost its charm i feel due to lot of new highway o! utlets.Went all places in Mysore with my old friend and had Mylati Dosa which i feel no one should miss.
Next day started at around 7:30 pm and reached back safely.

Few things noticed during the drive are:
  1. 3rd and Reverse gear takes time to fall in place.Got used to it and as pointed out in another tread tried pressing and releasing clutch to engage these gears.
  2. Bluetooth function works fine.Stereo needs some adjustments before it puts out decent music.However USB looks to have some issue as it stops responding after few songs not sure why.
  3. Body roll not that much which i could feel.I feel driving a tall boy Santro prepared me in many ways to handle Scorpio.
  4. Side view mirrors are good enough and automatic adjuster is a boon here.
  5. On my way back as it was dark could not see one of the potholes and back tyre fell on with a bang nothing happened what i felt.
  6. Head lights looks good enough but the switch to handle dipper and high beam feels tacky.Santro has a good feel i would say.
  7. Few times i heard stones hitting Scorpio's body and i could see few small may be 2 to 3 scratches on both side of front doors.:Frustrati
Queries for BHpains:
  1. Which fuel is best Shell or normal diesel from IOC/HP.I used shell for first tank full.But as per service adviser who came to explain feature advised me to use only one type to continue i.e. if i use extra premium diesel then i should continue using them. Is that true?
  2. I am not sure if under body protection has been done or not because i have been charged before the delivery and i couldn't see any visible difference in under body.
  3. Cruise control as informed could be engaged by pressing plus sigh for some time is this advisable rather than using the small red flap.
These are the points that i have in my mind :).
Snaps to follow related to the trip.

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