Thursday, December 22, 2011

NCB Transferred rejected

NCB Transferred rejected

Hi all,

I recently sold my Santro (which i had for 7 yrs). The insurance was with Tata AIG and had 50% NCB. When i sold the car, I got the NCB letter from Tata AIG. I recently purchased a pre-owned Civic. The insurance for Civic is due by Dec end. When I approached the insurance companies, Tata AIG says Santro is less than 1500cc and Civic is more than 1500cc so they will not honor my NCB and I will have to pay full premium. When I appraoched ICICI and National Insurance they are saying, for 2nd Hand Car, NCB is not honored and I will have to pay full premium.

Is this the case? Is there a clause for NCB transfer for below 1500cc and above 1500cc? NCB cant be transferred if we buy a pre-owned car?

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