Friday, December 9, 2011

New CHASIS for Yamaha Rx-135

New CHASIS for Yamaha Rx-135

Hi Guys,

I 'posses' Yamaha Rx-135 for 11 years..I am facing problem of knocking in handling due to some issues with handle cone. I have already taken my bike to the known fabricator's (in Pune) to replace the cone-set but it gets loose eventually. The mechs suggested to replace the Chasis else the problem will persist.

I've been looking for a new chasis for a long time but haven't found one. I've been checking with Yamaha dealer MP Motors in Wakdewadi (Pune) since Feb. 2011 but no luck! Not even available with a shop at Tilak Road (Pune) which is known for Yamaha parts.

Can you guys suggest anything to get hold of a new Chasis? And what paper work would be required 'in case I get one' (hopefully). And how much it could cost me?

I'd appreciate your response!! please:


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