Sunday, December 18, 2011

Newly launched Tata Sumo Gold BSIV and BSIII

Newly launched Tata Sumo Gold BSIV and BSIII

Both versions of Sumo Gold share the same engine , gear box and body dimensions with the following exceptions.
BSIII version has power output of 70 PS and torque of 235NM and the final drive ratio is 3.73 .
Where as for BSIV CR4 version the power is 85 PS with torque of 250 NM and the final drive ratio lowered to 3.36 .
The tyre size 185/85R16 is for BSIII version but for the CR4 BSIV version it is 215/75 R 15 LT. So the tyre is downsized from 16 inches to 15 inches for more powerful CR4 engine. Is this tyre downsizing (with increased width)is to support high speed of CR4 version ?
As I will be taking test ride of Sumo Gold BSIV CR4 version next week I wish to understand the change in tyre size. I do not think that both the tyres have the same overall diameter.

As I am looking for a SUV with big size diesel engine ( like 3000CC) and as I can not afford cars like Fortuner and Ford Explorer I am very optimistic about Sumo Gold. Will deeply appreciate addressing my point.

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