Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Painting the tyre sidewalls WHITE

Painting the tyre sidewalls WHITE

I have been pondering upon this issue for a while now, and even found a thread where the discussion was regarding painting the tyre sidewall letters. However, what I am looking at is painting the sidewall completely white. Here is a link with a few pictures, they will give a good idea about what exactly I am trying to describe.

Mercedes-Benz Pontons (1953-1962) / White Wall Tire Paint for Diagonal (Cross-Ply) Tires © www.mbzponton.org

Also, the thread I was reading had quite a few suggestions, ranging from special tyre paint to tyre pens or crayons and even normal nerolac paint. I am pretty confused about the way to go about this, and a few queries I have are:

1. What paint and painting process would give best results, in terms of a good finish and good longevity?
2. The tires are subject to a lot of heat. What effect would this have on the tyres, and what should be done to minimise this effect?

Anyone having any idea, opinions or suggestions about this, please chip in. That would be most helpful. Thanks in advance. :)

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