Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pathetic Experience at Hinjewadi Car Nation (BEWARE, THEY REMOVE PARTS)

Pathetic Experience at Hinjewadi Car Nation (BEWARE, THEY REMOVE PARTS)


This is the email of the issue that I have sent, it will tell you full story -


My vehicle was serviced at your facility on 8th Dec, 2011, the reg no being MH********(purposefully changed here). I am shocked to find that some small parts from the left doors have been removed. The service quality was poor, and I am really scared that some more engine/other parts may have been removed (the car was kept overnight) as the performance of the car is poorer than before the service. I shall flash this incident across my organization, all organizations at Hinjewadi (which I believe is your customer base) actually and also on Team BHP. The overall experience was also pathetic. No followup/information were ever given on the status of the work being carried out, The service advisor kept on playing hide and seek as he NEVER called me up for the delay/updates of what is happening and/or when I shall get the delivery etc. Earlier person Mr Dinesh was good, he is the reason I had recommended some people to go to you, but now I shall do otherwise. The people at the plac! e are not responsive, each time I have to call up for getting the updates. Please let me know what you can do about this!

DO NOT leave your car there at night, STAY AWAY from them, earlier they were good, now they are pathetic.

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