Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RE Classic 500 - A screw that ripped my engine case

RE Classic 500 - A screw that ripped my engine case

I was on my way to Pune and this happened

A loud noise followed by gear grinding sound.

My friends helped me & we pushed it to the nearest mechanic, convinced him to open & check. Thank god I had RE mechanic's number, he guided the overall operation.

When we opened the case, look what we found.

The screw that you see on the left hand side magically opened & some how got in between the clutch drum & case. My bad luck?

A closer look

Managed to glue things with fevi-bond & took my leaking bike to Pune & back to Mumbai. Yes had to carry extra oil too.

How did that screw come out?
  1. Well my sprag clutch was already damaged 2-3 thousand kms before. This sprag clutch was replaced under warranty before but still faulty. I speculate its happening because of faulty decomp. Now not sure but can a faulty sprag clutch have caused it to spin out?
  2. Other assumption is that mechanic did not tighten it after replacing sprag clutch (under warranty) which was done long back.

Estimated cost for fix ?
18k approx to change it with new LHS engine case. This can be fixed by welding also, i am still awaiting quotation. Any suggested estimates?

My Conclusion
I feel this is a design flaw & RE should address such cases. In fact I am disappointed that these guys don't offer engine warranty beyond 1yr. And of course I don't have 18k to fix.

Is there cheaper permanent fixed?
Awaiting your suggestions. I am broke

Here some pics for your eyes
Bike and Me - a set on Flickr


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