Monday, December 19, 2011

RTR 160 vs RTR 180

RTR 160 vs RTR 180

Hey guys!!
My friend is now in a dilemma. Well he's about to purchase a bike. He has already decided that it has to be TVS Apache. He just loves the throttle response and the handling of the bike. He will be buying in a week or two.
  • He (at least for now) is not of the redlining type. Although he says he might change.
  • Mileage is of (almost) equal priority to power.
  • Rideabilty is key as this will be his first gear bike.
  • Should be fairly reliable.
I have been pestering him to buy the 180 saying that it will not result in any drastic reduction in mileage, rideability will be better, so will the in gear accelerations and the biggest reason, ABS!!. But he isnt really convinced yet. "Although he says he might change" This is his major concern. If he does then according to him the 180 will give him dismal figures. :Frustrati

Apart from this we'd also be grateful if respective owners could give their feedback regarding vehicle performance and maintenance costs. And if someone could elaborate on the difference in ride and feel between the two (Usually with a heavy pillion, if this affects the rideability).

Thank you!! Eagerly awaiting replies!! Any other suggestions also welcome with budget in a similar region.

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