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The Thump, I always loved the most – Ownership Review of Classic 350

The Thump, I always loved the most – Ownership Review of Classic 350

My tryst with Two Wheelers started right from my school days, when my dad used to ride a JAWA. The mere thought of riding on a JAWA to school was more elating that going to school. The time I used to spend in school was nothing but a mere short break between the JAWA rides to school and back.

Have a lot of good old memories with the JAWA. A Burnt ankle due to my folly of trying to get on to the seat once dad got back from office to a broken arm due to climbing on parked JAWA. We both have faced it all. Prior to JAWA, dad had a Yezdi Road King, which was sold off after his wedding to buy a JAWA.

After a couple of years, dad had to dispose-off the JAWA to get a Lambretta. It was not an easy thing to ride a JAWA with 3 people in tow, myself, my mom and my younger sister. That's where Lamby fitted in perfectly. Acres of place for the whole family and driving comfort for dad. That's what Lamby offered us. Lamby was followed by many different two wheelers and I carry on that passion till date, I carry on my dad's legacy of loving the ride more than anything else.

Royal Enfield was one bike I always used to envy the most. Reason, our neighbor had a RE Standard and the thump used to be mesmerizing. I used to jump out of my bed to see him ride his bike. Those synchronized Thud-Thud's of Royal Enfield were more than mystical for me. Those were music to my ears and I still feel the same.

Schooling Done, College Done, Loitering Done, Extra Curricular Activities Done… I landed at a job the 3rd day after I wrote my Graduation final year exams. Post that, there has been no looking back.

My first ride was a Bajaj Boxer, which was worth every penny I've spent on it. No Fuzz bike is all I can say. The ride was of a good quality, mileage was great, I was lean at that time and I had pockets full of money in meager salary…. Those were the days. Boxer served me for good 3 years and had astronomical 63000 kms on the ODO, 100% 63000 kms of city riding.

Sold off the Boxer to pave way for my second bike, "brother from another mother". Purchased Bajaj Avenger, a long distant cousin of Royal Enfield Thunder Bird. Was happy with the 180CC Engine, the ride quality and most important of all, the comfort my mom got while riding pillion on an Avenger. I would never ever trade off my Avenger for the comfort offered.

Everything was great except that the thump was missing and I was yearning all the time for that thump. To satiate my urge of thump, I mated a Royal Enfiled Silencer to Bajaj Avenger to give birth to "Royal Bajaj Avenfield". A monster by itself, it has taken me to every corner of the city where I had to go.

We had a love-hate relationship for 6 years and with 78000 Kms on the ODO, I had to part with it. Handed it over to my younger brother as his daily ride to his newly joined office. I was left with no other option but to get myself a new bike.

The Royal Enfield Classic Bug had bit me big time by this time and I was scouting for a REC-350. The major letdown was 8-10 months of booking period. There's goes my dream of owning a Classic 350 in the drain.

As goes the saying, when there is will, there is a way. Gods above had something else planned for me. A mere mail to the Hydeez and I was elated like there was no tomorrow. Thanks guys for the support throughout the time.

How I got my bike and etc is a pot-boiler in itself. Hang on for the next installment of my "The Thump, I always loved the most – Ownership Review of Classic 350" Experience

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