Thursday, December 22, 2011

Used car: 2006 Santro vs 2006 Indica

Used car: 2006 Santro vs 2006 Indica

Hey Team-bhp brethren, need your advice URGENTLY on a query.

My uncle intends to purchase a used car here in Goa. But since his intended usage is minimal (he is based in Bombay and will be in Goa for about 2-3 months in a year), he prefers a used car within Rs 2.5 lakh.

Uncle had informed me that his choice of vehicles were cars in production like Santro, Spark, i10, Estilo, Indica and Alto K10, as more of them would fit in within his budget. Hence, non-production cars like Getz, old Zen were ruled out, though hey were available within his budget.

After much scouting -- I checked eight used car depots and numerous advertisements over the past few days -- we finally shortlisted two finalists this evening.

1. Oct 2006 SANTRO: PS/AC, front power windows, single owner, done 45,000 kms and has complete service history (verified by me) with Goa Hyundai at Verna. Interiors clean, dent-free silver-coloured vehicle.

In addition to regular maintenance, owner has done/installed in the following:

* New battery
* 4 New radial tyres (Yokos)
* 4 alloy wheels
* Fog lamps
* Central locking
* Music player with 4 speakers
* Insurance done in Oct 2010
* Service done at 38K kms

Condition of the car is very good. The car ran very well and minor adjustments were immediately attended to by a service technician in the Goa Hyundai showroom, where it was kept for a day.

Price expected: Rs 2.3L

2. 2006 INDICA: P/S, AC, Single owner, done 9,000 kms, lady owner claims to have service history (unverified by me) at Tata authorised service centre at Mapusa. Interiors clean, dent-free maroon-coloured vehicle.

Owner has done/installed the following:

* New battery
* Insurance done in May 2010

We went for a test drive and noticed the following:

* Horn was not working properly. Would work only if pressed at the centre and not on the sides.
* Sidelights were not working.
* Front left tyre was bald.
* Steering was making unsual sounds when turning. Something I have not noticed in my Alto or i10.
* Slight rattle below the car when travelling.

It appears that the car has been left unused with the owner at her house for a considerable period of time.

Price expected: Rs 1.5L

Now, which of these two cars would make a better deal? Please assist me as soon as possible as the deal may have to be done tomorrow (December 23). I am more inclined towards the Santro as I believe that a known devil (car may have been used more, but it drove better and it was in better working condition) is better than an unknown angel (we don't know what to expect with the rattles, bald tyre, etc.) But, I could be wrong and hence, we would consider your views in the matter.

Many thanks.

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