Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Verna refuses to start at times

Verna refuses to start at times

Hi Bhpian's,

Need your help on the curious case of verna not starting at times.

To start with, I have a 2008 Verna CRDi which I have been using almost everyday, since the last 3 weeks i have started to notice that,

1. At signals when I turn off the engine when the count is at 140 secs and have the music system turned off and only the blower fan running and car in acc mode, the car at times starts at the first turn when the signal count is at 15 secs.

2. At times it refuses to start even if the car is completely shut down with all electricals switched off and when I try to start, 3-4 clicks and the car is dead its only after 5-7 attempts of turning the key, that the car slowly comes to life.

Now, I don't want to risk turning off the engine at the signals, fear of being a victim of road rage if my car does not start, its better to burn fuel than being killed or abused by people around.

The battery, which by the way is Exide(Stock, not changed) and exide center says battery is in good shape and also have got all the electrical checked. I even went ahead and refilled the distill water and got the battery recharged for 24 hours. still the problem remains.

I did not give the car to Hyundai as i feel they will rob me saying starter motor is gone, battery is gone and land me with an heart attack bill and change all working parts, the car was given at sai colorium who did a detailed check and said everything is fine.

Car does not overheat, battery light does not pop up on the console indicating there is a problem with the battery and there is not voltage drop also.

Car is never driven in the early mornings, its only post 9AM that I leave home and these issues crop up durning the afternoon times and evenings around 4-6 PM.

need help to crack this case.


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