Thursday, December 1, 2011

well, Its Tata Manza Aura finally

well, Its Tata Manza Aura finally

Well its finally Tata Manza. I had a Hyundai Santro for almost 5 years and served me the best I could ever dreamed. It had so many memories attached to it and for me it was really hard to say goodbye to her. In last five year the car had accompanied me travelling more than 85000 KMs and made me enjoyed some crazy trips. Now since it was getting older and my family and needs are getting expended, its time to buy a diesel car with a bigger space.

I was very fascinated to buy a SUV as wanted to travel through the different places in the Himalayas and started taking the test drives of Scorpio and Safari. I personally liked Scorpio initially for the fact of its aggressive looks and smaller turning radius but after taking the test drive of Safari, my family almost fell In love with the space and comfort they had sitting in Safari:D. Moreover by now I also started loving it and finally I started calculating the money. After doing a deep calculation on the uses of the car and the money I had to pay, it was not making sense for me to buy Safari at the moment and rather I decided to buy a Sedan.

Hunt started again and I had Swift Desire, Tata Manza, Fiesta in the list and looking at the complete VFM and space factor, Manza came out to be the complete winner and GTO's review indeed helped big way in the taking the fast decision. I spoke to my contact in Techno and booked Manza Aura diesel.

I didn't decide to go for ABS as still feel that I am good without ABS and do not use sudden break at all. It has been in habit now to push the break many times till it gets to the complete stop and this is what ABS do. Also, I read somewhere that maintenance for the ABS will be a bit costly in future. ( I know I can be wrong here but looking at the budget, I am cool with a NON ABS car)stupid:

Though I know the owner of Techno Auto through one of the close friend but the staff had really been very great during the whole deal till now except the valuation they have done for my Santro which may be more business sense but I felt like they are trying to buy the car in the cost of peanuts. :Frustrati

I would highly recommend Rohit Wahi & Hemant from Techno Auto for their Services. They had actually been very helpful and served always with the smile. It is a great co incidence that the guy who sold me Santro from Suhrit Hyundai 5 years back, his name was also

I have given the booking amount and visited their stockyard in Najafgarh last week to inspect the car before they bill it in my name. I must say that they have quite good stock of the cars there. It seems that the they got the car ready for some other customer few days back but the guy couldn't take the delivery, assuming so by looking at the ribbon.

Checked the car and nothing seems to be fishy, odo says 34 KM which should be OK I guess. Car is billed and now the time to sell my Santro.:)

Posted on different sites and started getting the calls, finally settled the deal today. I will be getting the delivery of the Manza tomorrow and will update further.

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