Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yamaha FZ16 to Yamaha Fazer16 - Conversion modification

Yamaha FZ16 to Yamaha Fazer16 - Conversion modification

Hello all....

I just want to share my happiness with you all that I have converted my 3 year old Yamaha FZ16 to a Yamaha Fazer16 :)

I started working on this almost 1 year ago, with planning, researching, reviewing my plans and once everything was ready...I went to my local mechanic and we both started on this.

Lucky that I have a friend who owns the original fazer16 and that he allowed me to strip his bike so that I can study the "internals" as to what goes where and what has to be welded to where to fix the "stay" to mount the fairing. I thank my friend Ricky - Extreme Dimensions, for helping me with all my vehicles.

Took me around 3 months to complete the whole I know patience matters ....research matters...and you have to have the passion in you !

Well I am posting the pictures of my Fazer16. Hope you all like this.

Thank you


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