Tuesday, December 20, 2011

YetiBlog® - TheOne® buys a car.

YetiBlog® - TheOne® buys a car.

Hello there,

I think some of you would be pleased that I finally am back with another little story. Most of you will be pleased to read that it is another car purchase decision story.

A little story of my wife's decision to buy a car and drive it herself on the streets of mumbai. More amusing since she is European and moved to India 3 years ago.

Some basic disclaimers
  • Opinions expressed in this thread mostly belong to my wife. Just like I do. She is a woman as most of you know, and women have a different take on everything. Please do not consider any negative opinion on any vehicle as offensive (especially if you own such a vehicle) - I will not get into a "this car vs that car" debate, I am NO car expert.
  • The car is already purchased so as much as I would love your inputs, don't tell me what car to buy. It is bought already.
  • I have hardly any pictures, sorry. Maybe one or two. I hope my words will keep you interested and amused.
And so, here we go.

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