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Pathetic After Sales Service from Fiat India

Pathetic After Sales Service from Fiat India

While ,car makers can learn from MUL on how to sell 'not-so -great "cars effectively ,people can also learn from Fiat India on how NOT TO SELL .Fiat India will be a perfect example of failing in India ,inspite of having such superb cars like the Uno,Palio,Siena,.... What a shame !

Now this isnt the first time we reading about this lets not waste time in talking about "what" and "why"

My boss who is a Fiat lover ( a perfect example of the heart ruling the brain most of us ) has this well maintained 1.9D Palio which he has been using extensively over long drives and also city commuting.A couple of weeks ago,he damaged the LHS front fender on his 7 year old Palio . Instead of taking the car to a local garage ,he took the car to Pratham in Kudlu Gate assuming an authorised dealership would do a quality job.

Its been close to 3 weeks and they havent been able to replace this part .The first time ,a part is ordered ( now they dont have stocks available) and reached Bangalore after 3-4 days ,only to realise that this fender is not for this car .Its some other size!!

They then say that the part has to be ordered again .Its been 2 weeks now and a simple front fender has still not arrived!

I can only pity Fiat owners here and I can only admire their love for their cars .If a small fender cannot be sourced ,imagine what would happen if its an engine part that has to be sourced .

We are now trying to source this part from a local scrap dealer who has said he can get this part ASAP !

I can now understand as to how did cars like Santros and Zens sell more than the Fiat Uno which had been best selling in all other geographies .I am only grateful ,my family didnt agree to my original choice of a Palio GTX and instead opted for a Zen as our first car .

If I had to buy a Palio GTX and if I had to maintain it the same way as I maintain my Zen ...I would have been divorced and bankrupt by now .

Rx100 at last...

Hi friends,

This is my newly aquired Yamaha RX100. 1989 model ( reg in Jan 1990).
Run around 69000 kms. It was in bad shape when i purchased it.
Spent around 10k.
Engine was not touched, just a few new bits added.

It runs like a dream and i am very happy owning it.

Now a breif history behind purchasing the RX100.
I had earlier owned a 1987 model Rx100 and used it for over 10 years.
Then later on i moved over to 4 wheelers and neglected RX which was getting deteriorated. MEanwhile i got an oppurtunity to leave to US hence sold my bike for very less money.

After coming back from US i started missing my bike badly and made up my mind to buy a bike. But this time i wanted to get my long time due dream bike YAMAHA RD350, I purchased it...but even after owning it for more than a year my heart was yearing for yamaha rx100...and i started to lookout for good RX100 and ended up buying 2002 model RX135 4 speed with cat silencer. This bike was very good and very neatly maintained too.
But somehow i was not satisfied and finally i got hold of this bike.

I dint not go for complete rebuild since the engine is running smooth and the paint was not bad. (The bike is still with Original paint)

Wish to keep it in the same stock condiition and i may add crash guard and saree guard soon.

A few pics of my old RX100 ( Red color)

Just for comparison, a pic of the bike before purchase, infact it was still in bad shape than this

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Birds in Sultanpur bird sanctuary

Recently got a Canon 7D and went to Sultanpur bird sanctuary to try it out. Some pics from the shoot.

Disclaimer - i dont have a big lens and hence reach is limited. Currently shooting with 18-135 lens.

Also - would dont know the name of all the birds - so will appreciate help in naming them.

White breated Kingfisher - psychedelic sillouthe
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Bar headed goose - Panorama attempt
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Bar headed goose
Attachment 870723

Bar headed goose
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Landscape 1
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