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Uday Hussein's Car Collection Uday Hussein's Car Collection

Uday Hussein's Car Collection

Uday Hussein was son of Saddam Hussein. A very notorious man but certainly had an amazing garage. Though most of his cars were destroyed during bombarding by US army. Anyway not here to talk about Uday Hussein or Saddam Hussein, most of us know who they were and what they were famous or infamous for. Wanted to post some pictures of his cars and garage that I found on the internet. Some of the car are in terrible shape and as evident from the pics are used as posing objects by American troops :). Some of the cars may have been auctioned or sold or kept in some sort of museum, but certainly most of them belonged to Uday Hussein till he died in 2003.

Hussein's Ferrari Testarossa & Porsche 993 Turbo

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His Rolls Royce Corniche Convertible (Most probably sold now)

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His other Rolls Royce which were found by Iraq police. Reports say that These two Rolls Royce and 3 Other cars including two vintage cars and a Plymouth Prowler, had been stolen from Udai Hussein's palace during the looting after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. For years, the cars were buried beneath the dirt of an orchard in Baghdad's Dora neighborhood.

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The recovered vintage cars & the Plymouth Prowler

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This is a horrible sight, some pic of his destroyed Ferrari 550 Maranello

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His very rare Lamborghini LM002

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His Mercedes 500k & 500 SEL

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This one I don't know the name, front end looks like a BMW Z8 but its definitely not that as the rear is different, but the rear alloy wheel has a bmw logo. Some pics of the front also remind me of Fiat barchetta, but not sure. Anyway here are the pics

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  1. the BMW is a Z1...

  2. the BMW is a Z1...