Sunday, November 13, 2011

Clutch breakdown within 2,500 kms .. your views needed.

Clutch breakdown within 2,500 kms .. your views needed.

Hi friends,

Wanted to report an incident related to a clutch issue with my car - Wagon R.

I bought the car (new) in 2005 and has done 94,000 kms till date. I have kept it well maintained with regular servicing and have done a fair bit of highway driving of about average -- 800 kms once a month. Apart from this I use it daily for my daily and weekend driving around the city.

A new clutch was installed in end-Sept 2011 at an authorised Maruti service station in coastal Karnataka (when it was 91,500 kms). After that I have done a few highway trips, including the Shiradi ghats.

Since last 2 days, I wasnt able to shift the gear properly into the right slot, and thought it was a gear box problem... and delayed in taking it to the service station.

Last night, the car stalled on the mainroad in Bangalore ... and I wasnt able to move the gear stick into any slot.. Called the Maruti emergency numbers and they sent a vehicle and technician within 45 mins.

The technician said it was a clutch problem and the car had to be towed to their service centre.

Today the service centre guys have confirmed that the clutch has spoiled and needs to be replaced.

The clutch change in September was my second clutch change in the last 6 and half years. The first clutch was good till about 45,000 kms and the second one was good till about 91,500.

Am shocked that the third clutch has barely lasted less than two months and that too for just about 2,500 kms.

Wanted to ask the gurus and other folks if they could shed some light on why this could have happened.

1. Is this a freak thing? Does this sort of thing about a clutch lasting only 2,500 kms known to happen?

2. Would it be coz the clutch was substandard or had some mechanical defect?

Can such a situation be avoided in future. Considering that I have been planning longer touring trips (of about 4000-5000 kms ) in future..and wouldnt want to have a clutch breakdown especially after installing a new one.

Your views are welcome and much appreciated.



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