Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

Ford Fiesta (Automatic) : Test Drive & Review

The Ford Fiesta Automatic will be launched later this year.

What you'll like about the Fiesta Automatic:

• Segment best dual-clutch 6 speed gearbox. Quick, seamless upshifts
• Loads of fun in "L" mode. Outstanding engine braking for the driving enthusiast
• Top notch safety : Electronic stability program, hill descent + brake hold controls, ABS and dual airbags
• Great feature set including leather seats, voice controls, auto-fold mirrors, cruise control and more
• Excellent driving dynamics and impressive steering feel for an EPS

What you won't:

• No Automatic transmission available with the diesel engine
• Paddle-shift, Tiptronic controls & gear indicator are conspicuous by their absence
• Disproportionate rear styling, due to excessive bulk behind the wheel arches
• Interiors at the rear look and feel like they are from a segment lower
• Lackluster petrol engine, a disappointment for enthusiasts when compared to the old 1.6L

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