Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gujarat road trip querries

Gujarat road trip querries

Hi! guys

Need your help in fine tuning my Gujarat road trip in December end. This will be a family trip (Me Wife and 8 year old kid) coinciding with the Xmas / NY vacations of kids. Yes i know its the most crowded time to go but can't help as it has be during the vacations only..

Plan is as follows

Vehicle - Toyota Fortuner

23rd Dec ( evening) Bhopal to Ujjain
24 - Ujjain to Zainabad (Little Rann of Kutch) LRK
25 - Zainabad
26 - Zainabad - Rann - Bhuj
I intend to cross the LRK with the assistance of GPS. Already got the
GPS log of bhpian Vardhan.harsh who crossed it last year.

27 - Bhuj
28 - Bhuj
29 - Bhuj - Gir
30 - Gir
31 - Gir Somanath - X
1 - X - Ahemedabad - Y
2 Y to Bhopal

Some querries

1. I am trying Dessert Coursers at Zainabad but so far have not received a reply. Any other option ?

2. Hotel recommendation in Bhuj. Budget around 1000-2000 per day.
Car park must.

3. Route recomendation for Bhuj to Gir

4. In Gir i am trying for Sinha Sadan. However i was told from there office that to fax the requirement 15 days before the travel plan. Is it correct ?

5. The last 3 days are a bit fluid. Can spend the whole day at Somanath
or make a quick dash to Dwarka and come back in the evening to Somanath. Also need hotel recomendation with budget of 1000 - 2000.

6. Need help in selecting route from Somanath to Ahemedabad.


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