Monday, November 14, 2011

Hangouts in and around Chennai

Hangouts in and around Chennai

Guys please share some interesting hangout places in and around chennai. I am wanting to go some place very interesting.

Here is one of my experience which you might be interested,

Me and 3 of my friends once visited this place in Mudhaliyar Kuppam some 100KM far from city on the way to pondicherry. My friend knew some people there. We went there morning, where the owner of that place took us with him for fishing. and after that we came back and had a nice swim in the beach and playing around. the owner prepared food for us (though not very good. it was ok). later we relaxed in the shades of the trees... boozing and enjoying until evening. we spent a whole day (morning to evening) there. it costed us some Rs.1500/head all incl. :D

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