Monday, November 14, 2011

Vento?? or Rapid???

Vento?? or Rapid???

The great confusion..!! Vento or the Rapid. Both almost look similar, feel similar, have the same engine options.

One of my friend had almost decided to book the Vento, it was just the matter of paying the cheque. Suddenly he heard about the Rapid..!

Aarrgghh..!! What a confusion..! A same car, from a different brand. :Frustrati

The requirements are:
Fuel type : Petrol (Strictly).
Cost : 7L (plus-minus 75k).
Driving : Roughly 30 kms a day. (will be used mostly on Weekends).
Features : Basic will be enough (AC, PS, All 4 PW).

Should he go for the Vento or Rapid.

Now, we have a clue that the Skoda's going to be a bit of less expensive than the Vento. But, Skoda has horrible stories about the A.S.S. What should be finally done..??

Diesel Power.

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