Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here at last!

Here at last!

Phew, it took me two years to get the right to write this post :)

Am a proud, arrogant, brash, irritated and elated owner of a Palio MJD. Am sure others who own the car would relate to the above feelings too!

The forum has been instrumental in helping me make my decision along with the Palio Users Group. Especially Architect's phenomenal unbiased review of the SDX was superb and it hooked me on.

I drive about 80kms a day, 20 of them on the Hyderabad ORR. Everyday, I eagerly await the moment the SDX gets on to the ORR, that's when the fun starts :) Agreed i have been overtaken by the Audis and the Bentleys over here, but hey it's fun trying to play catch-up with them. The max i could take on was 165kmph, but believe me, the car felt like a sick beast for a couple of weeks atleast, after that drive, even though it was fresh out of it's fourth service. Now i realize a safe speed would be around 120-140kmph which doesn't hurt the engine and has a decent ride too.

So long then.. Am all revved up now!

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